Maximum Pollution Levels

Saturday 21st January 2017

Highest Recorded Peak: HIGH (Index 7)

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Green Low (1-3) Orange Moderate (4-6) Red High (7-9) Purple Very High (10) Grey Offline

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Thanet Birchington Roadside

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Parameter Pollution Band Measured Concentration Measurement Period
PM10 particulate matter (Grav Equiv) (PM10) Low (Index 3) 49 µg/m3 (Ref.eq) Daily mean
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide (NOXasNO2) not applicable 417 µg/m3 Hourly mean
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Low (Index 2) 98 µg/m3 Hourly mean
Nitric oxide (NO) not applicable 221 µg/m3 Hourly mean

Note: Values are based on provisional data. Data are GMT+1 hour ending.