Air Quality Planning Guidance

The Kent and Medway Air Quality Partnership have developed Air Quality Planning Guidance for partner local authorities, developers and consultants. The guidance was produced in response to changes in national planning policy, through the National Planning Policy Framework. The guidance uses a method for assessing the air quality impacts of a development which includes the quantification of impacts, calculation of damage costs, and the identification of mitigation measures to be implemented to negate the impact of development on air quality. The guidance provides clarity and consistency of approach for developers, the local planning authority and local communities.

The guidance has been made available to all Kent local authorities for use as technical guidance, or for adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document. Two versions of the guidance have been produced (option A and option B), which differ only in terms of their approach to mitigation.

Clarification should be sought from the respective local authority concerned at an early stage as to the status of the guidance within their area before any assessment is carried out.

For more information please see the following documents: