Rochester Stoke

Pollutant Band Concentration Period Last updated
Nitric oxide (NO) Not applicable 1 µgm-3 hourly mean 23/06/2024 10:00
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) LOW (1) 10 µgm-3 hourly mean 23/06/2024 10:00
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide (NOXasNO2) Not applicable 12 µgm-3 hourly mean 23/06/2024 10:00
Ozone (O3) LOW (2) 45 µgm-3 8 Hour mean 23/06/2024 10:00
PM10 particulate matter (Grav Equiv) LOW (1) 6 µgm-3 (FIDAS) 24 Hour mean 23/06/2024 10:00
PM2.5 particulate matter LOW (1) 3 µgm-3 (Ref.eq) 24 Hour mean 23/06/2024 10:00
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) LOW (1) 3 µgm-3 15 Minute mean 23/06/2024 10:00
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Pollutants shown in graph
Parameter Parameter Name
O3 Ozone
NO Nitric oxide
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide
NOXasNO2 Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide
SO2 Sulphur dioxide
PM10 PM10 Particulate Matter
NV10 Non-volatile PM10
V10 Volatile PM10
PM2.5 PM2.5 Particulate Matter
NV25 Non-volatile PM2.5
V25 Volatile PM2.5
DIR Wind Direction
SPED Wind Speed
T Ambient Temperature
RAIN Rainfall
TMP Enclosure Temperature

Site Information
Altitude 14m
Coordinates (Lat/Long) 51.456170, 0.634889
Environment Type Rural: An open countryside location, in an area of low population density distanced as far as possible from roads, populated and industrial areas.
Kerb Distance Not Available
Height Metres
Site Comments North corner of playing field in Lower Stoke village primary school. 90m from buildings 100m from residential street on the rural Isle of Grain. Affiliated to the Defra Automatic Urban and Rural Network; listed as Rochester.
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
Ozone 26/01/1996 -
Nitric oxide 26/01/1996 -
Nitrogen dioxide 26/01/1996 -
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 26/01/1996 -
Sulphur dioxide 26/01/1996 -
PM10 particulate matter (Grav Equiv) 26/01/1996 -
Non-volatile PM10 27/05/2009 02/08/2018
Volatile PM10 27/05/2009 02/08/2018
PM2.5 particulate matter 28/04/1998 -
Non-volatile PM2.5 28/05/2009 02/08/2018
Volatile PM2.5 28/05/2009 02/08/2018
Wind Direction 24/02/1997 -
Wind Speed 05/01/1997 -
Ambient Temperature 08/01/1997 -
Rainfall 01/01/1997 -
Enclosure Temperature 01/01/1997 01/01/1997
Rochester Stoke site: Site view
Rochester Stoke site: North view
Rochester Stoke site: East view
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Rochester Stoke site: West view