LAQM tools

Defra and the Devolved Administrations have provided a range of tools to assist local authorities with the Air Quality Review and Assessment process. These tools are all available online and can be downloaded.

Below, we provide introductions to each of the following tools, with links:

Please note that the majority of the links below will link to external Defra websites, which open will in a new window.

The tools are available to download in a variety of file formats although mainly in .pdf and .xls formats. Some of the tools contain macros and some users of MS Excel may need to alter their macro security settings to get these tools to run.

NO2 Diffusion Tubes

range of tools and guidance has been produced by Defra and the Devolved Administrations, to assist local authorities using diffusion tubes. The tools include:

VCM Correction

  • King's College London have developed a model to correct TEOM PM10 concentrations to "gravimetric equivalent" values, based on the concentrations of the volatile PM10 fraction, measured by FDMS analysers. The Volatile Correction Model is accessed via web portal.


Tools for monitoring data including: 

  • NO2 Fall off with distance - A calculator has been produced which estimates the annual mean nitrogen dioxide concentration at one distance from a road, using measurements made at a different distance from the same road.
  • NOx to NO2 calculator - This calculator allows local authorities to derive NO2 from NOx wherever NOx is predicted by modelling emissions from roads. The calculator can also be used to calculate the road component of NO x from roadside NO2 diffusion tube measurements.
  • Year adjustment factors

Emissions Tools

Modelling Tools

Background Maps

Emission Factor Toolkit

  • The Emissions Factors Toolkit (EFT) assists local authorities in carrying out Review and Assessment of local air quality as part of their duties under the Environmental Act 1995.

Report Submission Website

  • Local Authorities are required to use the LAQM Report Submission Website for electronic submission of their Updating and Screening assessments, Progress Reports, Detailed Assessment and Further Assessments. The RSW does not allow submission of Action Plans and these should be submitted directly to your Devolved Administration representative.



  • The Local Air Quality Management Helpdesk provides answers to Local Authorities' questions on air quality monitoring, modelling and emissions inventories, information and guidance to assist Local Authorities in carrying out the Local Air Quality Review and Assessment process required under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 and information and guidance to assist Local Authorities in preparing and implementing Air Quality Action Plans for improvement of local air quality.